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Miles Green

Creating engaging interactive experiences leveraging emerging technology for digital innovation

As an executive Creative Technologist I lead multidiscipline teams to craft engaging digital experiences online, on mobile, on tablets, through social media, in-store at retail, and as physical interactive installations. With extensive experience in the media, broadcast and advertising industries, I have helped brands and creative agencies build award-winning digital teams.

I specialise in leveraging emerging technologies and platforms to create new and innovative forms of interactive engagement, producing unique rich and immersive digital experiences. While always maintaining a tight focus on the quality and purpose of the end-user’s experience, I explore how technologies can enable and enhance that audience interaction, providing meaningful and rewarding connections.

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The only way of discovering the limits of the possible
is to venture a little way past them into the impossible

– Arthur C. Clarke

So what exactly does Miles Green do?

Bits and bytes, plus a whole lot more

I enjoy managing a wide variety of teams and individuals, ranging from highly technical to highly creative, from Interns through to Directors. I have grown multi-discipline departments of up to 40 strong. Responsible for discovering and hiring key talent, I have had the honour of mentoring and supporting some exceptionally dedicated and gifted people.

I work with digital strategy teams to help find the technological solutions to client business problems and needs, vetting for feasibility, effectiveness and ultimately the opportunity to realise ROI. I provide an advisory capacity to define best practices and technology roadmap recommendations for creative agencies as well as clients.

I have identified technological opportunities for internal diversification and expansion in order to grow client revenue with new services and capabilities. I’m often involved with New Business pitches, capability presentations, drafting responses to RFI and RFQ requests, as well as helping expand clients’ general understanding of technologies.

Responsible for maintaining the efficiency and productivity of large teams, I am no stranger to operational considerations such as: project estimation; task allocations; resource planning; vacation approvals; equipment procurement; budget recommendations and spending; workflow and tools improvements; office space design and planning.


I have extensive experience with a range of consumer-facing and user-centric technologies, platforms and channels within the digital domain. Here are some of the things Miles Green gets pretty excited about.

Digital Installations & Live Events

I work with retail environments, hotels, theme parks, museums, art galleries, sports venues and charity events to create a wide range of digital experiences in the real world. These include interactive touchscreen displays, interactive window fronts, completely custom large-scale interactive projections, incorporating user interaction through custom touch surfaces, gesture inputs, computer visioning, face detection, eye tracking, custom controller devices and mobile integration.

Mobile & Tablet

Mobile and tablet devices continue to transform and present new opportunities for my work. I was involved with mobile development long before the iPhone even existed. I have since had opportunity to deliver a range of native apps, mobile websites and web apps. Mobile projects have included rich experiences, games, augmented reality, 3D visualisations, second screen companion apps and control interfaces for integrating into larger installations.

Digital Display Ads

I have created digital teams specifically designed to exclusively focus on producing digital display ads with ninja-like abilities to tease the most possible out of any filesize and spec limitations. This includes the production of online rich media ad units, standard ad units, mobile HTML5 units, tablet in-app ad units and digital magazine units. I am familiar with the majority of third-party ad vendor formats and APIs, as well as working directly with sites to help create and monetise custom ‘native’ ad unit placement packages. I have participated in strategic partnerships with IAB, Google, Facebook and Microsoft for concepting and creating new units as well as participating in review boards and voting panels for various display ad awards.


Fostering my curiosity of combining art and code, I have directed visualisation projects to create beautiful and complex graphical representations of data for practical information displays, presentations, education and abstract interactive artworks. This includes 2D infographics, procedural animations, generative algorithms, as well as real-time 3D objects, Virtual Reality environments, and Augmented Reality applications for the web, mobile and tablets.

Social Media

Social media has been extensively woven into much of my work as a core component of projects. This includes establishing logic to encourage the organic propagation of content through social sharing; creating content to be natively distributed within social platforms; creating custom apps and content to embed into social media destinations; as well as integrating social APIs directly into custom sites and apps to leverage, manipulate and interact with content from social media profiles and feeds.

Digital Signage & Retail

I am involved with both the motion design of the content and also the technical discovery of the digital signage platforms themselves. These projects have included out-of-home digital billboards, digital menu boards, airports, hotel lobbies, sports arenas, in-store and point-of-sale systems. I have dealt with both indoor and outdoor screens; small screens through to giant billboards; irregular screen ratios and formats; multiple screen synchronisation; as well as a variety of digital signage systems and vendors.


Casual gaming for kids and adults alike has been a recurring theme throughout my work. Through my teams I have delivered games as mobile and tablet apps, in-banner mini games, microsite destinations, from within shareable widgets, and through deep social integration mechanics. My teams have been responsible for game concept, game design, game art and game development, producing a wide variety of casual games, including single-player games, turn-based asynchronous multiplayer games and real-time multiuser games. In addition to actual games, I also provide layers of ‘gamification’ to non-gaming interactions.

Motion Media

I have managed teams for designing and producing various forms of motion media including animations, intros, titles, logo treatments, explainer videos, case study submissions, pitch sizzle reels, incorporating 2D animations, visual effects, 3D rendering. Involved with online video encoding with multiple codecs and delivery through live streaming, prerecorded streams, progressive downloads, podcasts, Media RSS feeds, content syndication and aggregation networks.


I have been creating websites long enough to see the world wide web transcend many phases of evolution. I work on brand sites, immersive experiences, rich internet applications, microsites and product information sites. I am a keen believer in responsive design principles and approaching projects with mobile-first and context-aware considerations. I support open standards technologies in addition to my extensive experience embracing propriety rich media technologies.


Although my primary focus has been towards font-end technologies and the user experience of that interaction, I have still spent considerable time developing and integrating with back-end solutions, large enterprise systems and content management systems. My Computer Science background enables me to work effectively with engineering disciplines. Often my role is to ensure creative requirements are understood, accurately captured and ultimately delivered, and to establish where business logic resides, points of integration, and which processes are more effectively handled client-side or server-side.

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