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An immersive experience capturing moments of beauty through interactive face projection mapping, displayed on the most personal of canvases. 

Clarins - Urban Oasis
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Clarins - Urban Oasis

Clarins were looking for a way to engage a younger audience. The Clarins Urban Oasis was designed as an immersive brand experience to create a moment of wonder through innovative technology. 


At the heart of the touring pop-up experience was the projection pod in which participants would learn more about the beauty benefits of the product range. Within the projection pod, participants looked into a mirror while watching a projected animation play out, right across their own face. The facial animations, synchronised with a projected backdrop and immersive directional audio, told the story of the product’s natural ingredients and their related benefits. 


Behind the two-way mirror was a camera that captured the experience so that the participants had a selection of digital souvenirs - images, and videos - to keep and easily share to social channels.


Steep technical challenges had to be overcome. Real-time projection mapping onto unprepared and diverse faces precluded using any form of tracking dots or guides. As a solution, Microsoft Kinect sensors allowed for IR scanning and tracking a virtual 3D model of the participant’s face. The animated 3D textures were applied to the facial model and morphed to their particular topology. These were projected back out onto the face of the participant. With real-time tracking, the observer was able to move freely and the projected graphics would automatically synchronise to their head movements, making it feel as if the effects were really painted across their skin.


Through a range of innovative technology, with much Research and Development of digital and physical solutions, Clarins were able to create a unique and innovative immersive experience that went on to win numerous awards. 






Technical Concept, Technical Direction, Experience Design, Delivery Oversight


Immersive Experience, 3D Face Tracking, Real-Time Interactive 3D Face Projection Mapping, Kinect Sensor, Multiple Projectors, Two-Way Mirror, Ultrasonic Directional Audio, NFC Smart Cards, Sharable Digital Souvenir 

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