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An easily accessible web-based Augmented Reality visualisation tool accurately demonstrating to retailers how a Coinstar kiosk would look in their store space.

COINSTAR - Virtual Kiosk
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Coinstar - Virtual Kiosk

Coinstar needed a more effective way to show retailers how their coin exchange vending machine might look in their store spaces. 


The Coinstar Virtual Kiosk is an Augmented Reality visualisation tool for easily previewing and positioning a life-size vending machine in the real world.


Numerous AR platforms were explored as potential solutions. Downloadable app-based AR was deemed too much of a barrier. SocialAR Filters were not the right fit for the B2B audience. Browser-based WebAR was accessible, but could not display the object at perfect scale without a large printed marker.


The final solution was an implementation leveraging the web-activated features of iOS ARKit and Android ARCore. Recent updates meant that 3D objects could be triggered right from a mobile web page, while handing off the 3D rendering to the native AR viewer of the device OS. This gives great fidelity, rock solid tracking and, most importantly, room-scale calibration.


With the Coinstar Virtual Kiosk, retailers are able to easily preview a life-like, accurately to-scale, Augmented Reality representation of the vending machine in their retail space via an easily accessible mobile website. 






Technical Concept, Technical Direction, Experience Design, Prototyping, Delivery Oversight


Mobile Web Augmented Reality, Accessible through Web Browser (no app download), Room-Scale Calibration for viewing life-size 3D object, Apple ARKit, Android ARCore, Device Detection, Adaptive Content

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