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A multi-sensory immersive dining experience surrounding guests with 360 motion graphic projections inspired by each chocolaty course.

FERRERO - Behind the Layers
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Ferrero - Behind the Layers

Ferrero hosted an immersive dining experience, Behind the Layers, for chocolate lovers to truly indulge their tastebuds. Each chocolaty course was inspired by one of the key ingredients of Ferrero Rocher in a unique taste discovery. 


To make the event a truly unforgettable multi-sensory experience, the guests sat around a circular table with the chef preparing and serving from the centre, all set within a cylindrical room. Multiple projectors around the walls blended to create a seamless 360 landscape of animated content surrounding the diners. Each course was synchronised with a variety of subtle motion graphics and music that reflected the taste and texture notes of the food. 


With Behind the Layers, Ferrero gained huge brand loyalty, a number of awards, and put themselves at the centre of thousands of Instgrammable moments.






Technical Concept, Technical Direction, Delivery Oversight


Multi-sensory Immersive Experience, 360 Projection Mapping, AV Synchronisation

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