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A technology-infused reboot of traditional carnival attractions from the past, entertaining kids with a range of interactive installations.

Digital Carnival - Tin Cans
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Digital Carnival

Presented at the annual Leo Burnett ‘Bring Your Kids To Work Day’, the Digital Carnival was a technology-infused reboot of traditional carnival attractions from the past.


A collection of large-scale digital installations and games invited children to physically interact with a magical world of cutting-edge technology and digital fun.


Virtual cans could be knocked over by throwing balls at a custom IR projection screen. Full length digital mirrors would reflect kids wearing digital face masks - using face recognition technology long before the day of Snapchat filters. Kids could dance in front of a Kinect sensor that projected a 3D kaleidoscope of their movements onto the wall. There was also a shooting gallery that used custom IR guns to shoot down wooden ducks on a virtual carousel. 


The production was entirely conceived, designed and delivered by the Leo Burnett Creative Technology Team, creating a magical moment for kids be inspired by technology. 


Internal R&D


Leo Burnett


Technical Concept, Technical Direction, Experience Design, Delivery Oversight


Interactive Installation, Gaming, Projection, Gesture Control, Face Detection, Augmented Reality Filters, IR Light Gun, Kinect Sensor 

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