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Creative exploration of how Augmented Reality can be leveraged

to  enhance McDonald's Happy Meal boxes and other products.

McDonald's Happy Meal AR
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McDonald's - Happy Meal AR

During the ‘first wave’ of Augmented Reality, McDonald’s were curious to see how this emerging technology could be applied to their food products and within their stores. 

The Happy Meal AR proof of concept was created to demonstrate how the Happy Meal box itself could be used as an AR prop using image tracking and object recognition. 

The proof of concept, developed in Unity3D as an iOS app, leveraged animated character assets from the current TV spot, placing them in a 3D scene around the Happy Meal box. Characters could be interacted with as well as the box itself for some fun and games. 

This concept was extended to additional food items and packaging, such as the burger boxes. Image recognition identified products and augmented them with additional nutritional information. 

The concept proved successful and inspired McDonald’s to incorporate AR as a key engagement aspect of many future Happy Meal boxes. 




Arc Worldwide


Technical Concept, Technical Direction, Delivery Oversight 


Augmented Reality, Image Marker Tracking, Unity3D, iOS App

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