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Discovering a world of connected Sony products by jogging inside a giant 360 treadmill to power an immersive biometric experience.

SONY Wheel
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Sony - Fitness Wheel 

Sony needed an innovative way to stand out in a crowded Mobile marketplace. The Sony Fitness Wheel was an immersive experience that engage the audience with a physical-digital installation to educate them about the Sony Mobile product range and how they connect with their lives. 


At the centre of the pop-up experience was the Sony Fitness Wheel - a giant human-powered biometric 360 treadmill. The experience was powered by the motion of the participant. Grabbing hold of the biometric sensor handles and jogging on the treadmill would start to play an immersive video sequence displayed on an embedded curved 4K screen. If the user slowed down, the video would also come to a halt, encouraging them to jog faster.


The content was a combination of specially shot first-person perspective footage following a day-in-the-life of a Sony Mobile user; jogging through a park, running to catch the train, sharing holiday videos at the office. The footage was combined with studio-shot hands interacting with the various products and a layer of UI elements highlighting product benefits while showing current speed, distance travelled and heart rate.


Thousands of people queued to have a go on the innovative interactive installation that went on to win a variety of awards for Sony.






Technical Concept, Technical Direction, Experience Design, Delivery Oversight 


Immersive Interactive Installation, 360 Mechanical Treadmill, Arduino, Biometric (heart rate) and Physical Sensors (rotary encoder), Integrated 4K Curved Screen, Interactive Full Motion Video

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