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Exploring the photographic features of the new Sony Mobile handset through a gesture-controlled immersive gaming experience.

SONY - Digital Paintball
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Sony - Virtual Paintball

Sony needed a smart way to demonstrate the superior camera features of their latest smartphone. The Sony Virtual Paintball interactive installation was designed as a fun way to engage, entertain and educate shoppers. 


The Virtual Paintball interactive installation was a custom-built game experience where players controlled an on-screen version of the Sony Mobile product. Set in the middle of a fast-paced, colourful, paintball fight, players had to use the virtual phone to capture great photos of the action. The better the photos, the higher the score. 


The installation used Kinect sensors for full-body motion tracking and hand-gesture tracking. Players had to lean left and right to pan through the scene and duck to avoid incoming paint bombs. The virtual phone was tracked to the player’s hand and making a ‘grab’ gesture would trigger an in-game photo to be taken.


The game was built in Unity3D while the original full motion video content was captured using an ultra high resolution RED camera with ultrawide anamorphic lens. Capturing at this resolution gave enough pixels to be able to dynamically pan and scan through the action within the game.


Players could enter a prize draw by submitting high scores to social channels, further amplifying the event. 






Technical Concept, Technical Direction, Experience Design, Delivery Oversight


Interactive Installation, Unity3D, Kinect Sensor, Gesture Tracking, Interactive Full Motion Video, Sharable Digital Content

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